“Adding value all the way…”

BRILLIUM Property Enhancement Specialists carry out refurbishment projects from start to finish.  As well as installing high quality bathrooms and kitchens much of our work tends to involve interior renovation, layout remodelling and property refurbishment.  We work directly with you to ensure that any works carried out suit you, your life-style and your budget.

We have a wealth of experience in this type of work and take pride in being able to advise you on simple and effective methods of room enhancement through creative design.

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“Adding value through good workmanship & design..”

Not only will the new works to your home look amazing, but by being well designed  and crafted with a high standard of workmanship, a significant amount of value can be added to your property in a number of ways.

A Better Home Life

By enhancing the quality of your home you can easily better the quality of your home-life for you and your family.   We will take the care to understand your needs and requirements and work with you in fulfilling them.

An increase in equity or rental value

By carrying out the correct works to your home you could easily increase the overall re-sale value of your property.

–    A well planned and installed Bathroom could increase the overall value of your property up by 3.5%.

–    A correctly designed and installed Kitchen could increase the overall value of your property up by 6%.

–    A garage refurbished into an additional habitable room could increase the value of your property up by 8%.

–    A well built loft conversion could increase the value of your property up by 20%.

–    By re-painting the exterior of your property to a high standard you could increase the value by up to 3%.


“Simply call us to arrange a free consultation & start discovering the best way of enhancing your property…”

Increased salability or letability

If you are looking to sell or rent out your property, presentation is key in order to reach the best target audience.  Carrying out some basic enhancement works to your property not only may increase the monetary value  but you will almost certainly enhance the  salability of the property making it look much more attractive to potential buyers.

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Web design, development, online marketing

Web design, development, online marketing

Web design, development, online marketing

"A focused and dedicated team of builders. Complete clarity through out the project. We would definitely recommend." Bathroom installation - Essex

Completely trusted team. As time was short for us we visited the project at the start and at the end and we were very happy with the finished result. Ilford, Essex

Highly motivated and reliable team. Said what we needed doing and left them to it. Very happy with the end result. We would recommended BRILLIUM. Sarah Ringwell

BRILLIUM have carried out 3 projects for us now & as a developer they have assisted with inputting some great ideas adding considerable value to the projects. Mr Kahn